Some Published Works & Articles

In this section is presented a selection of articles written on various areas of Astronomy.


Revealing the Planets (S&T 2020)

A visit to Chilescope Observatory

A visit to Pic du Midi Observatory

Barbados National Newspaper - Article on my work from Barbados

Jupiter from Barbados in 2010 - A new take on old data

Atmospheric Dispersion (JBAA, 2012.)

Guide to Jupiter in 2011 (Astronomy Now Magazine, 2011.)

Jupiter from Barbados in 2010 (JBAA, 2011)

Observing & Imaging Uranus (JBAA, 2012)

How to shoot for Mars (Astronomy Now Magazine, 2012)

Saturn in suburbia (London Metro Newspaper, 2012.)

Jupiter in 2011 - An Observing Guide. (Astrofilo Magazine, 2011.)

A Guide to Jupiter's 2010 opposition. (Astronomy Now Magazine, 2010)

An Astronomical Seeing Scale for Imagers.

What Colour is Mars?

The Ultimate Planetary Telescope?

Guide to Jupiter in 2007 (Astronomy Now Magazine, 2007)

Feature on Damian Peach (Astronomy Now Magazine, 2006)

Predicting Astronomical Seeing in the UK (Journal of the BAA, 2006)

A review of Celestron's 9.25" Schmidt Cassegrain.

An Examination of optical issues on real Planetary images

The Pickering Atmospheric Seeing Scale

Activity on Saturn in 2002-03 (Journal of the BAA, 2003)

A Guide to Jupiter observing (Astronomy Magazine, 2004)

The Ultimate Location for Amateur Astronomy? (Journal of the BAA, 2004)

The Giant Planet in 2001 (Astronomy Now Magazine 2001)

Saturn at its Best (Sky & Telescope Magazine 2003)

The Atmosphere & Observing (Astronomy Now Magazine 2003)


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