Astronomical Events & Trips.

In this section are found photographs of specific events, such as Star Parties, Overseas observing trips and other gatherings.


Barbados, June 2016

Barbados, March 2016

Pro-Am NASA JUNO meeting, Nice, France

Solar Eclipse - March 20th, 2015

Barbados, February-March 2015.

STARMUS & Tenerife 2014

Barbados April 2014

Observing from Cyprus, April 2013

Jupiter from Cyprus, Dec 2012.

South Carolina and the Peach State Star Gaze 2012

Venus Transit 2012.

Sky at Night 55th Anniversary

Barbados 2010.

Record Breaking Lunar Mosiac 2009.

Meeting the Apollo Astronauts.

Winter Star Party 2008

Barbados Imaging Mission: Mars Opposition 07'

Barbados Imaging Mission 2007.

Barbados Imaging Mission 2006.

Barbados Imaging Mission 2005.

Total Lunar Eclipse, March 3-4th, 2007.

Saturn Occultation, March 2nd, 2007.

Partial Lunar Eclipse, September 7th, 2006.

650th Episode Celebration Party.

BANG! Celebration Party.

Sky at Night, 2005 Mars Opposition Party.

Annular Eclipse, October 3rd, 2005.

Sky at Night Star Party 2005.

Mars Opposition 2003.

Venus Transit 2004.

Cerro Paranal & The Atacama.



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