Visit to South Carolina and the Peach State Star Gaze 2012

October 8-15th, 2012.

Above: Dave Tyler and Myself imaging Jupiter from The Isle of Palms, SC with Jim Phillips's 10" Mak Cass.

During October 2012 fellow observer Dave Tyler and Myself travelled to visit our long time astronomy friend and fellow imager Jim Phillips in South Carolina. I also got to speak at and attend the nearby Peach State Star Gaze in Georgia. Below is are some photos from the week. I can highly recommend the PSSG as an event - a great bunch of people there and many fine telescopes to look through under some often clear and dark skies. A big thank you to Jim for his great hospitality during our stay.


Panorama of the Peach State Star Gaze site. Overview of the camp site. There is also a site just over the trees housing several private observatories. All of this is set-up by the Atlanta Astronomy Club.

Telescopes and trailers. The PSSG site is littered with telescopes and trailers people having travelled far and wide to attend the yearly event.

With Alan Coffelt at the PSSG. With US Planetary observer Alan Coffelt on a very hot Georgia afternoon!

With Jim Phillips and Dave Tyler. Taken at about 5am after another night of observing Jupiter!

Imaging Jupiter Using Jim's 10" Astrophysics Maksutov. An image taken with the scope at right.

The big refractor Imaging Jupiter using Jim's 10" F/9 Apochromat refractor. An image taken with the scope at right.

Nightime visitor This wild dear was often heard snuffling in the bushes while outside imaging. Here he/she is during a brief daytime appearance!

The farm house Jim's lovely farm house located in the South Carolina countryside.


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