Lunar Imagery in 2015

By Damian Peach.

This gallery displays Lunar Imagery obtained during 2015 (dates and times are in the file names.) Some of the text used below is from Wikipedia articles on the respective features.


Total Lunar Eclipse, September 28th, 2015

Lunar crater Abulfeda

Alpine Valley and surrounding mountains

Lunar crater Aristoteles

Lunar crater Bullialdus

Lunar crater Clavius and surroundings

Lunar crater Copernicus

Lunar crater Endymion

Lunar crater Eudoxus

Lunar crater Fontenelle

Lunar craters Atlas & Hercules

Lunar craters Janssen & Fabricius

Lacus Mortis

Lunar crater Langrenus

Lunar craters Manzinus & Mutus

Lunar crater Maurolycus

Lunar crater Petavius

Lunar craters Pitatus & Hesiodus

Lunar crater Plato

Sinus Iridum

Lunar craters Theophilus, Cyrillus & Catharina

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