Jupiter in 1998.

Observing Site: Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK. +5245' N, 0045" E. 

Opposition date: Sep 15th, 1998. Apparent Opposition Diameter: 49.68". Declination:-410'. Constellation: Aquarius.


Jupiter on November 10th, 1998. A turbulent SEB and NEB, with faint spots in the STB region.

Jupiter on November 4th, 1998. The GRS is coming onto the disk with a faint and broken south tropical band preceding it.

Jupiter on September 12th, 1998. Ovals BE and FA are again present in this image with FA centre.

Jupiter on August 28th, 1998. Ovals BE and FA are present in this image though at this time BE was very faint and obscure.

Jupiter on August 27th, 1998. The GRS going off the disk with turbulent region following.

Jupiter on August 19th, 1998. A prominent STB with Oval FA going off the disk.


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