Hong Kong Planetary Seminar  -  November 2017

Above: Speakers and organisers at the Hong Kong Science Museum Lunar & Planetary Seminar.

In late November 2017 i attended an event hosted at the Hong Kong Science Museum focused on Lunar & Planetary Imaging. I gave three presentations at the event, including a live demo using the 1m Chilescope. It also gave me chance to again meet up with fellow planetary observer Chris Go, as well as meeting long time friend Eric Ng for the first time. People attended from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, USA and UK. I was also presented with a plaque for asteroid 26732 by discoverer Bill Yeung - a memorable moment!

Overall the event was a great success, and we had a great time talking over dinner and visiting the sights around this magnificent city.

A huge thank you to Eric Ng for all his work in making this trip so enjoyable!

Damian Peach, Dec 2017.

Presentation of the plaque for asteroid 26732 by discoverer Bill Yeung. A proud moment and a great honour to have the discoverer present the award!

At the Ho Koon Astronomy Centre alongside their DFM 20" Cassegrain.


Night time view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.

Group photo at Victoria Peak.

With Christopher Go at Victoria Peak and at breakfast in the hotel with my son!

Giving a presentation about Jupiter at the HK science museum.

The Moon live from Chile using the 1m Chilescope. The audience were quite amazed by this. We also viewed Uranus live using the same telescope.



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