Saturn Imagery.

My primary interest as a Planetary observer is High resolution imaging of Jupiter and Saturn. In this section you'll find images and observations of Saturn from 1999 to present day. While bring a less active world than Jupiter, Saturn in recent years especially has shown higher levels of activity. With the resolution now achievable with today's webcams, its been possible to follow minor weather systems on the Planet.



Saturn in 1999-2000.

Saturn in 2000-2001

Saturn in 2002-2003

Saturn in 2003-2004

Saturn in 2004-2005

Saturn in 2005-2006

Saturn in 2006-2007

Saturn in 2007-2008

Saturn in 2008-2009

Saturn in 2010.

Saturn in 2011.

Saturn in 2012.

Saturn in 2013.

Saturn in 2014.

Saturn in 2015.

Saturn in 2016.

Saturn in 2017.

Saturn in 2018.

Saturnian Activity 1999-2006.


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