Although  my primary interest lies in Astrophotography of the Planets, i also enjoy more conventional photography, particularly landscapes and birds of prey. I have owned a wide variety of cameras, but in recent years have used a Fuji S2 Pro and Canon 1D MkII DSLRs. These cameras are excellent tools (especially the Canon.) which was up until recently the worlds fastest high resolution DSLR, providing an excellent platform for nature and sports photographers.

High quality lenses are an absolute must (just as with Astronomical telescopes) if you wish to obtain the best possible results from your system. All of my macro photographs were taken with Canon's 100mm F2.8 macro on the 1D MkII camera, many of them hand held!. All of the Bird photographs were taken with the same camera but using Canon's 100-400mm L series lens. These lenses are excellent and I highly recommend them.

All of the images are greatly reduced from the original files sizes, which in most cases was 8.2MP Any subsequent image processing was performed in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

If you wish to use any of these photographs, please contact me for permission, as I can provide much larger print sizes.


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